Who doesn’t ship any of the Avengers together?

Or Sherlock and John?

Or Frodo and Sam?

I just feel like these pairs (well, group in the case of the Avengers) are more interesting and more complex to me without romance being thrown in. In our culture, we’re not familiar with types of love that…

Mk, I can’t speak for the Avengers because I haven’t seen it yet, but on the topic of Sherlock and John, Sam and Frodo, and (for my CNS buddies) Caught and Natalie, I see all those relationships in the same way.  And I’m gonna pull a Homestuck word for this, because I don’t really have any other right words for it: they are Moirails.

For the non-Homestucks out there: A Moirail is like a best friend, but deeper.  But it’s not what we traditionally think of as a romance.  Moirails are like platonic soulmates.  Their relationship is not sexual or even romantic, they don’t go on dates or kiss and hold hands or anything.  Moirails transcend sexual orientation and gender identity.  Anyone can be your moirail.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not attracted to people of that gender/sex.  But they do have a closeness that they don’t have with anyone else in the world.  They still feel that intense need to be together.  They do love each other deeply, it’s just a different kind of love.  

The way Homestuck explains it is that humans do not ever see this type of relationship as a romantic one.  The troll culture where it comes from in the story, however, does see it as a type of romantic relationship, just not a sexual relationship.  In a way I suppose both are kind of right.  Moirails do not have what we as a culture have grown used to being a romantic relationship, but they do have an undeniable chemistry and tension there that not even they can really explain.

Sherlock/John, Sam/Frodo, Caught/Natalie, and the thousands of other similar relationships amongst various people, both fictional and real, are not what we traditionally think of as romantic couples (which is why there are so many people who don’t understand at all why they’re shipped so much), but they are more than just friends (which is why there are so many people who ship them).

So I “ship” them, but I don’t ship them, if that makes any sense.  They are more than just friends, but they are not and would never be lovers.

Heterosexual life partners, bromances, moirails, I love ‘em.

Amen, and Thank You. That is all.